Titles Matter

When you create a title for something you wrote, how careful are you to choose the right words?

Here’s one example of a not-so-effective title:

Tests confirm chocolates contaminated – CAA

And here’s the very brief news article the title is for:

The Consumer Affairs Authority(CAA) told the Colombo Magistrate Court today that test results from Singapore confirmed that the milk powder imported by Edna chocolates contained Melamine.

Hmm. Somehow, I think it would have been more effective had they said something like:

Tests confirm milk contaminated – CAA

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Titles Matter

  1. OTOH would I read further into the story if I didn’t drink milk? With your revised headline ti wouldn’t occur to me that an ingredient of a favourite snack might be contaminated and that I should look further to read the brand of chocolate bar.

    Second the sheer number of products and countries in which the contaminated milk powder has been found is also fascinating and frightening. Including brand names in Canada such as Cadbury.

    A few years ago I was reading the label on a can of peaches here in Canada. “Product of China”. Well, I decides I’m not buying that brand of peaches any more. Given that a year or two past some companies in China were putting toxic anti-freeze in toothpaste as a sweetening agent.

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