Titles Matter

When you create a title for something you wrote, how careful are you to choose the right words?

Here’s one example of a not-so-effective title:

Tests confirm chocolates contaminated – CAA

And here’s the very brief news article the title is for:

The Consumer Affairs Authority(CAA) told the Colombo Magistrate Court today that test results from Singapore confirmed that the milk powder imported by Edna chocolates contained Melamine.

Hmm. Somehow, I think it would have been more effective had they said something like:

Tests confirm milk contaminated – CAA

What do you think?

Vijitha Yapa’s has a website?

How sad is this that I didn’t know that? Vijitha Yapa‘s is the bookstore Fahim and I prefer to shop at – they have the widest selection of English-language books, and while not a huge selection of fantasy and science fiction, it’s better than anywhere else. Here.

If you’re looking for books on Sri Lanka or by Sri Lankan authors, check it out – they ship worldwide, too.

More on the Galle Literary Festival 2008

I found an article online at the Sunday Times site written by Smirti Daniels with more information on the Galle Literary Festival. At the end of the article, Smirti mentions this:

The Festival lasts for less than a week, however, one of our key aims is to use the profile of the festival to act as a springboard for and to publicise a variety of community initiatives with our friends and sponsors of the festival, say the organisers. Here are few of the initiatives you can expect to see at the Festival this year:

  • Workshops in Galle and the Southern Province School with AdoptSriLanka and The British Council.
  • Debating and creative writing competitions with Adopt Sri Lanka.

If those two initiatives actually take place, great! I’d prefer workshops not just in Galle, though, but also in Colombo and other major cities. Still, if they happen, it could be very good for the writing scene in Sri Lanka. If you hear more about this, please pass the information on to me!

The festival appears focused towards the yuppie literary crowd (cooking lessons from a renowned chef, don’t’cha know), not towards those who are seeking publication.

And for the controversy behind the 2007 festival, check this out. It involves the sponsor of the event, AdoptSriLanka, and how donations are being spent.

Disclaimer: mudslinging and partisanship is a sport here, and accusations are frequently flung with little or no proof. I’m not saying that is the case here – it’s just something you should be aware of. Make up your own mind. That applies to newspapers, websites, and, well, everything.

Literary Events in Sri Lanka

Fahim told me about two literary events taking place in Sri Lanka this month – The Galle Literary Festival 2008 and Book Buzz 2008.

The second annual Galle Literary Festival 2008 takes place in Galle, at the south west end of the island from Wednesday the 16th to Sunday the 20th of January. There are lectures, debates, book launches, films, panel discussions, and more. There are some free events, although most have a charge. Details on the website.

Book Buzz 2008 is sponsored by the British Council in Sri Lanka and takes place in Kandy on January 19th and in Colombo on January 22nd. Seating is on a first come first served basis with no indication of cost.

If you know of more literary or related events taking place in Sri Lanka, please let me know. I’d love to add them to the list!