I get inspiration at the oddest of times.

I’m sitting in Relief Society at church, and we’re having a nice lesson, and accompanying discussion, on what will happen on earth during the next millennium. Okay, I could get into all sorts of theological discussions, but I’m honestly not in the mood. Lunch is still cooking – I forgot to chop the veggies this morning before church – mostly cuz we were madly watching more Monk – and so lunch is later than I like, and I’ve got a headache, and I’m hungry, and now just isn’t the time for a theological discussion, which I can barely spell in my weakened state, never mind discuss.

I think that might just be another run-on sentence that Fahim would be proud of.

Anyway. A friend, Marlene made a comment – a very interesting comment. It’s along the lines of one of those things that of course is completely logical and I knew already that what she said was right, but I hadn’t put the thoughts together logically in quite that precise way before.

Which leads my brain to thinking . . . And more thinking . . . And of course, this means a new story. A new novel. Possibly a series. Pretty much all my novels – or at least most – or perhaps I should say all of the ones that I’ve bothered to develop – have the serious potential of becoming series.

Ideas. Novel ideas. I’ve got hundreds of them. Literally. The last time I counted, I had over 200 different novel ideas, and that doesn’t include the series. One novel, working title Placidia until I come up with something better, has, thus far, about ten novels in the series. Loosely planned. That’s what I’ve come up with with hardly any effort involved.

I have serious novel ideas.

I also have them all recorded in handy dandy computer. Organized even. Some of them.

Some writers have problems coming up with ideas of what to write about. I am not one of those people.

Anyway. The idea she gave me is quite possibly brilliant. By the end of church, I’d written down 3 pages of notes on it – I know the environment, the culture, the history of the world involved. Plot – well, that’s where I have historically had problems. Developing plot isn’t my biggest idea of fun. It’s something that I will develop over time. I mean that I will develop the ability to develop plots easier and quicker in the future. Although I will also develop the plot over time. Don’t’cha just love double-purpose sentences?

Okay, so making notes during church isn’t ideal, but what with my memory, if I don’t write it down immediately, it’s likely I’ll lose it. That would not be good. So when inspiration hits, I record it immediately. Regardless. Not irregardless. That ain’t a word. Just regardless.

But I write notes. Not on everything I’ve come up with for the novel. No. No no no no no. Just enough to remind me, to organize my thoughts, to know what’s going on. I have enough now that I can get the atmosphere back in a split second when I reread the notes. Once I have the atmosphere in my head, everything else follows.