Do you print up your WIP?

I print mine up chapter by chapter. I also, after finishing the first draft, take it with me when I go out. I frequently have to wait five or fifteen minutes, or whatever, and I do some editing while I’m out. Did that this morning while I wait for the shuttle guy from the mechanics to drive me home while they’re working on my car. Got through about fifteen pages. Plus, as an added benefit, I don’t get so grouchy having to wait for people while I waste my time. And yes, I love working with colour pens. Stands out on the page easier. Better to see changes with.

I encountered a site that had a list of things to do on each draft – ie the different types of revisions that should be made. I further revised it to suit my writing style, and it results in 10 editing drafts. Lots of drafts, but at least by the end, I’ll know I’m done. But then, I’m also a list person.

If you plan on doing a lot of printing, consider a black and white laser printer instead. It’s much cheaper to buy toner than ink cartridges. The overall cost per printed page is far far far cheaper with a laser.

I may never completely let go of my anal-retentive cost-efficiency accounting side. 😀

Placidia the novel – First Draft is DONE!!!!!

I have a novel I’ve been working on and off for the last three or three and a half years, and this morning, I finished my first draft. (Laurie does the snoopy dance.) It was hard work. It was frustrating. I gave up on it three times for six months to a year or so at a time. I was blocked and felt like my story was going no where. Well, I finally became unblocked again last week and finished the damn thing.

For me, this first novel (there will be others following it) was a learning process – the time for me to learn what works for me in writing a novel and what doesn’t. I learned that I was blocked because where I thought the novel was going next didn’t make sense for the characters and culture in my novel. Once I figured out a plot line that was logical for these people, it started to flow again. So that’s a lesson for me. When I’m blocked, I need to rethink the plot. Other times that I’ve been blocked, it’s been because I needed to do more research, or get my characters settled in my head, or . . . Well, you get the idea.

I could also tell you that my novel at present only has about 1/3 to 1/2 the content it will have when it’s done because it’s missing sub plots and a lot of detail & description. That’s okay, too. That can go in on second draft. First draft for me is about getting the damn story down. Fill in the blanks later. My sister insisted on reading my first draft, what I had, last week, and didn’t much like it – missing too many holes, didn’t make sense, she said. Well, of course not. It’s only first draft. It doesn’t matter right now. It has inconsistencies until I figure out exactly where it’s going in the end. Which I’ve just done. So, you see, it doesn’t matter that it sorta sucks now. Of course it does. Who cares? I can fix it later.

And maybe the story really isn’t salvageable. Well, I can always take out a couple of chapters or whatever and fill them in with something better later. Or rethink the direction I want it to go in, or rethink the characters. The important thing right now is to keep writing and learn about my writing process and what works for me and what doesn’t. Don’t worry about the polished piece until much later.

Laurie (who has also never finished anything ever before in her life and is so stinkin’ proud of herself)