Titles Matter

When you create a title for something you wrote, how careful are you to choose the right words? Here’s one example of a not-so-effective title: Tests confirm chocolates contaminated – CAA And here’s the very brief news article the title is for: The Consumer Affairs Authority(CAA) told the Colombo Magistrate Court today that test results … Read more

Useful Websites For Speculative Fiction Writers!

Today, I’ve got a couple useful websites for you. The first… SF Editors Wiki – it’s a wiki for keeping track of the works that science fiction editors have worked on. It includes editors with Ace Books, DAW Books, Baen Books, and Tor Books, just to name a few. The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam. How cliched … Read more

Speculative Fiction Comics

I’m not much of a comics person – with the exception of Asterix & Obelix, thanks to my oldest brother, Tony – but I’ve recently been introduced to a few comics that are right up my alley. Speculative fiction comics. Can you say, “Cool!”? We have Freefall, which starts with a wrecked spaceship, duct tape, … Read more

Mobile Phone = eBook Reader


We’ve been contemplating getting me an ebook reader for a few months. I have joint problems, and honestly, it isn’t a whole lot of fun dislocating a thumb from holding a hardcover book. Okay, so in all fairness, I dislocate my wrist when I slice bread, so this isn’t all that unusual… Then the husband … Read more

Sentinel and Short Stories

Fahim had a dream that led to a story that we started developing. You know, this is a fairly standard thing with us. I have ideas, I bounce them off him. He has ideas, he bounces them off me, then gives them to me. So, really, it should come as no surprise that he gave … Read more

A Potentially Very Cool Site

Is currently in construction. It’s a Tor site. You know Tor – publishers of science fiction and fantasy. You can read more about it on Making Light. The basic idea behind the new site – as I interpret it – is a community for people who enjoy reading speculative fiction and all sorts of other … Read more


Science Fiction. A group of people, heading towards the Gathering of all the families, go through an unstable Nexus point into an uncharted region of space where they discover their ancient roots, lost in the passages of time until now. Status: Rough plotting, but needs a seriously detailed plot outline. Have a few scenes written, … Read more

Basement of the Universe

Science Fiction. A man searches for his missing wife, only to find a way to disappear himself to a strange place. Status: Currently in editing. The following excerpt is the first draft. I have a revised excerpt you can look at, although it still needs further editing. *** Piers slumped in his black leather easy-chair. … Read more

Children of the Dome

Science Fiction. Children, trapped inside a bombed mall, find a way outside to an unfamiliar world. Status: First draft not complete. Completely plotted in the detail that my brain requires. Just needs me to sit down and finish writing the thing. *** “Let’s go shopping,” said Teresa, a bubbly teenage girl with long, wavy brown … Read more

Black Light

A woman inherits a watch that takes her to other worlds – or does it? Science fiction. Status: First draft completed, but needs to be re-plotted and re-written. *** A young man stood hunched over a long utilitarian work bench. He delicately gripped a small, silver colored device in his hands. He frantically jiggled a … Read more